Every now and then, an artist comes along who seems to effortlessly capture you. Texas bred singer/songwriter, Alyssa Bernal, a relatable girl with an unforgettable voice, is just that artist for a new generation. Alyssa was your everyday American teenager, when her heartfelt, acoustic YouTube clips caught the eye of producer Pharrell Williams. 

       Fast forward a few years and an amazing journey later, Alyssa is settled in LA and writing the rest of her story. And this time, as an independent artist. "This business is tough. I was very young, and I'm not sure I was ready for that world although I'm very grateful for that chapter in my life. I've had to do a bit of soul searching, learning, and growing up. And now, here I am 4 years later. A whole new person."  Alyssa is focused on reintroducing herself to her fans as an artist. As she has changed and grown as a person, so has the direction of her music. Currently, she has been writing and recording new music almost every day while of course staying true to her roots, her YouTube channel.  

      There are butterflies as Alyssa gears up for the release of her next EP, "S.L.I.P. (She Loves In Peace). Expectations may be high, but not as high as the support and demand from her "Lysseners" for new music. With her new creative control, Alyssa's ready to show her supporters a side of her that they've never seen before and write the rest of her story as her own recreated artist.